App State's iBackApp thank you 5-1-14

On April 14-17, 2014 Appalachian State University students celebrated Student Philanthropy Week. They gathered together to give back to the university, and to tell donors what their gifts to Appalachian mean to students.


On April 14th - 17th Appalachian State students celebrated Student Philanthropy Week. They gathered to give back and tell Appalachian donors "You Back App on 5.1.14 So I Can..."

Lindsey Davis: I’m Lindsey Davis...

Michael Roden: ...and I’m Michael Roden...

Lindsey Davis: ...and you back App so I can...

Michael Roden: ...not stop at the hill and go all the way to the mountain.

YOU Back App...

Student 3: Because you give me an opportunity to be the first in my family to graduate.

Student 4: And we back app because of tailgates and game days.

Student 5: I love giving back to the school that that given so much to me.

Student 6: You back app so I can find my passions.

Student 7: So I can support athletics.

Student 8: So I can have both options and opportunities.

Student 9: I’m so thankful for all the ways you contribute to this university and all the ways you make this place sweeter than home, so thank you for everything you do.

Student 10 & 11: Thank you donors!

Thanks for Having Our Back!


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